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Good Quality Red Mercury Liquid For Sale 100% Privacy Protected Call On (+27) 787153652 in Italy-USA-UK-Canada-UAE-Kuwait-Turkey.Below are some exciting definitions according to the Russian tritium fusion bomb on what red mercury is: Cinnabar / Vermillion - it is a naturally occurring mercuric sulfide. Vermillion is a term given to the red color from either manufactured or natural cinnabar.Mercury (II) Iodide - it is the alpha crystalline mercury iodide form known as red mercury that changes to yellow beta form at 127 ° C. Any red-pigmented mercury substance that comes from Russia was called red during the cold way. There are no proofs of people who use mercury in this way, but it could be a possible definition. Ballotechnic Mercury Compound - has a presumably red color. They are compounds that react very energetically because of high pressure. Over the years, there has been a contentious debate about the possibility of this substance as an explosive form of mercury.According to other reports, red mercury is a military code name to describe a new nuclear compound. Sources say that this definition came from the extraordinarily high prices that people pay for any compound named red mercury and manufactured in Russia. Call Or Whats App On +27787153652 FOR MORE INFO


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