The Lausanne Experience, hyperlapse urbano dalla Svizzera di Sylvain Botter

Un altro viaggio super rapido alla scoperta di Losanna in questo nuovo video time-lapse sulla Svizzera ad opera di Sylvain Botter.

Dalla descrizione su Vimeo:

If you want to go to the most beautiful places the Swiss city of Lausanne then watching this short motion time lapse film will bring you to the destination. Within 14 days, this one year project has been done after gathering greater than 3600 photos which are produced frame after a frame. Using a city hyperlapse, this video will make Lausanne know to all people worldwide. The video will let you explore the special features and assets of the city along with the urban landscape that it is widely known for. By combining time lapse (fast-tracked picture sequence) and hyperlapse (moving fast-tracked picture sequence), this short film can provide an ideal and fresh outlook on this city destination while giving people the opportunity to get the first impression of Lausanne. Once they get interested of the city, they will also be eager to visit and discover the other cities in the neighborhood.

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